Higher Realms, Higher Powers Double CD


Double CD with 6 powerful meditations by Sharon Anne Klingler designed to connect you with the power of eternity and Archangels Michael & Uriel.


Meditations include

Disc 1
1.  Inspiration from the Ages
.  The great minds and powerful leaders of history can be much more than merely role models to you.  As spirit beings they are sensitive to those who seek to emulate their ideals and channel their gifts.  You can use this meditation time and time again to meet the legends of the ages.

2. The Archangels of Power.  The archangels Michael and Uriel are the angels of power, initiative and transformation.  This visualization helps you taps those energies to create change and success in your life.

3.  Higher Self Ignites.  In this dynamic visualization, the forces of the higher self move through the chakras to suffuse the personality and body with the wisdom, power and purpose of your sacred eternal truth.

Disc 2
 A Walk Through Time.  Discover the true power of eternity as your higher self walks through time, showing you a brilliant new perspective and your purposes for the future.

2.  Tapping the Powers of the Seventh Ray.  The ray of mysticism and organization is the ruling energy of this great Aquarian age.  Learn to connect with the forces of this dynamic power and to direct them to the world.

3. Seeing Through the Eyes of Spirit.  In this meditation you will experience a sharing of spirit’s vision, heart and mind.   Through the eyes of spirit you will obtain a new realization of self.

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