GemCast by Sharon Anne Klingler


The Astro-Oracle that puts the stars in your hands! With Book, Casting Chart, and 11 beautiful gemstones in a drawstring pouch.

“GemCast is not only one of the best oracle kits I’ve seen, but it is also absolutely the easiest and most fun way to learn


The Oracle that puts the stars in your hands! As simple as the Runes and as insightful as an astrological chart, this fascinating tool can provide meaningful and incisive information in just moment-anytime and anywhere.

This kit contains an easy to understand instruction book, a casting chart showing the twelve astrological houses, eleven natural gemstones which represent the planets, and a velvet draw string pouch.  By simply dropping the stones on the twelve house chart and seeing where they land, one can get insight into coming trends and events as well as answers to specific questions.

People who have used Gemcast are amazed!  Not only has it proven to be a valuable and accurate oracle, but it has also provided an effortless key to understanding the sometimes mysterious world of astrology.  The more the GemCast is used, the more the basics of astrology come to life – even without studying!  So, give it a try!  Cast the stones for yourself and see how GemCast can open the door to a whole new world of insight.

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