Intuition and Beyond by Sharon A. Klingler (Random House, U.K.)


With Sharon Klingler’s punchy and witty guidance, we can learn to pay attention to the intuitive voice and reap the rewards of its wisdom everyday. A brilliant ABC guide to help you apply intuitive advice to all areas of your life.


Would you like to create more abundance in your life and experience greater financial freedom?  Have better success in choosing the right business and personal relationships?  Reach a higher expression of your creativity and ingenuity?  And live a healthier, more fulfilling lfe?

In this immensely practical and insightful book, Sharon Klingler helps you to open the door of possibility by learning to listen to a voice that does’t even make a sound – the voice of intuition.  In 4 clear selections, you can discover:

1) what intuition is and how to identify your intuitive voice.

2) how notable people past and present have used intuition to inform their most important decisions.

3) your current I.Q. or “Intuition Quotient” by answering a simple questionnaire.

4) the A, B, and C’s of Applied Intuition and how to create the intuitive experience at will.


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Thank you for your fabulous book Intuition and Beyond.  I have been developing my intuition for a year or so now, and I picked up your book a couple of weeks ago.  It’s fantastic.  Straight to the point.  And I really like the reviews at the end of each chapter!!  I am very impressed.  I have made huge progress in just a few weeks!!

~ L.K., Australia 



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