Tapping the Powers of Spirit, 3 Meditation MP3’s – Full CD Download


NEW! The spirit world (from your beloved family to your guides to your own eternal spirit) is always available. They seek to have you know them and know yourself better.

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These three visualizations will help you perceive spirit in a flash, learn who you were in your deepests pasts, and discover a great and untapped power.

3 Profound Guided Meditations

1.  Sensing Spirit in a Crowd:  Spirit is all around you.  And sometimes there is a great many of  them! With this meditation you can learn to connect with each other – even when they are in a crowd.

2.  Knowing Your Past Lives:  Let spirit ignite your powers of retro-cognition (your knowing of the past).  And discover the many past lives you’ve had and the many people you were!

3.  The Creative Forces of Spirit:  There is a great creative force that runs through the universe – including all living things and all in the world of spirit.  Learn to tap this profound power of creation and apply it to specific situations in your life.

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