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Of all your relationships past and present, there may be none so available and enduring as those who reach out to you from the world of spirit. Allow yourself to feel that connection with these 3 powerful meditations by Sharon Anne Klingler.

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3 Guided Meditations

1) Spirit Comes to Life! Feel the embrace and support from those you hold most dear in the spirit world.  Learn how to link with them and to receive their love and guidance everyday.

2) Insight from the Archangels. The Archangels Gabriel and Raphael are here to provide their own unique energies of communication, healing and love. Lift your insight to new levels with these radiant beings.

3) The Power & Vision of the Soul. The greatest step you can take in overcoming all obstacles and realizing true success is to know your soul absolutely.  Discover a greater vision and learn to channel the powerful forces that are innate within you.

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