Psychic Development – Opening to Your Sixth Sense with Sharon Klingler



This comprehensive workshop is designed to provide a variety of tools and processes for maximizing your psychic senses and opening to the energy of your higher Self.  You can gain the insights and tap the powers you seek every day when you learn the techniques of engaging your higher mind and your greatest senses.  This workshop includes:

Psychic symbols and imaging;
Learning how to get psychic messages for yourself and others;
Building your psychic symbol vocabulary;
Multiple choice – Feeling the decision;
Utilizing your psychic senses for higher levels of achievement and learning;
Billets and billet circles;
Processes for greater intuitive clarity;
Symbol stretching – tasting the answer;
Book tests;
Daily processes that help build a greater rapport with your soul;
Creating sacred spaces that heighten your sensitivity and vision;
Gemstones, jewelry, and the physical things that can support you in knowing your spiritual powers.

Your inner wisdom comes from the voice of your intuition, your psychic self. It is your soul, your spirit, that is the source of your energy, compassion, wisdom, creativity, and your truth.  Learn to synchronize your steps with those of your eternal spirit.  Come and open your senses to a broader spectrum of your power, your life, and your world – when you meet your psychic self!