“Breakthrough to Prosperity” by Sandra Taylor


In this previously recorded seminar you will learn: How to identify and deal with the present cycles of your life—and how to shift internal consciousness, external circumstances, and even karmic patterns to breakthrough to the peace and prosperity you de


This training program includes 4 hours of information in which Sandra will teach you:

•  How to reprogram your consciousness to change adversity to prosperity;
•  How to create greater connections with others and gain their support;
•  How to release energy blocks in a way that will completely turn your life around!
•  How to identify and release your personal sources of difficulty;
•  How to overcome adversity with consciousness power;
•  How to create an action plan for any type of goal;
•  How to power up your personal energy to create an irresistible vibration;
•  How to align your life-force with Universal flow and accelerate your results!

So join Sandra now to learn her exclusive techniques, including:  Consciousness Quick-Shifts, Life-Force Empowerment, and life-altering Action Plans

This seminar was previously priced at $233 for its attendees.  We are offering a MP3 version at the price of $49.

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