Drawing On Your Intuition by Sharon Anne Klingler


A quick & easy exercise that you can use again & again to get intuitive messages about your relationships, your work, your dreams – your life!


Learn a new way to let your intuition talk to you.  Discover what (or who) may stand between you and your dreams.  Learn about your deepest (and sometimes hidden) feelings and motivations.  Gain new insight about the spirit guides who help you.  And discover what is coming for you in your future – all through this simple and fun process.  This kit provides an insightful and provocative discovery tool based upon many art therapy models and symbols. It will allow you to gain a greater understanding of your clients’ histories, feelings, relationships, and personal boundaries.  This process can be used many times over to help you assess your clients’ growth and to redefine treatment objectives along the way. The Complete Kit includes: Drawing On Your Intuition, instruction & interpretation book; CD with workshop discussions abou the insights and interpretations detailed in the book; A complete set of colored pencils to draw your intuitive pictures.

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