The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives (Book & Download)

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Have you ever wondered why certain life patterns have been so hard to turn around? Well, the reasons may be encoded in your eternal history-in karmic sources that were set lifetimes ago.

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Perhaps you keep struggling with money problems, feel hopeless about finding true love, or have an addiction you can’t seem to beat.

These current issues could be traced back to previous lives. Even psychological and physical ailments such as chronic pain, allergies, weight problems, and self-doubts could originate in unknown past events. Yet these past-life sources don’t have to remain a mystery-or have any power over you anymore!

In this enlightening and truly liberating book, New York Times best-selling author Sandra Anne Taylor explores the energy of karma and reincarnation, revealing how your eternal consciousness can become encoded, influencing your destiny today.

When you learn how to release and rescript your karma, you can pave the way to joy and personal power-now and in years to come!

The attached download (link) includes:
· A safe and easy past-life regression designed to reveal your encoded information
· A fast and fun meditation to rewrite the past and change the present
· A meditation to set future intentions and look into potential future events
· Affirmations to release your karma and program greater success

The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives is a powerful tool for healing and success and a truly unique approach to the subject of reincarnation. Sandra Taylor’s rare
insights, techniques, and affirmations can free readers from old blocks and attachments and lift them to a wonderful, new future that had long been buried in the past.”
–Colette Baron-Reid, International Bestselling Author of THE MAP

“Through this book, Sandra gives us an understanding of why we have made
certain choices in our life, based on our past lives.  She shows us how we
can break cycles and live the life that we want to live.  This is a remarkably
eye opening book and will make you think about the journey that you are on.”
— Lisa Williams (world renown medium/clairvoyant)


“If the soul evolves through many lifetimes, The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives
is a great user’s manual for this stop on the journey.  Not just a metaphysical
treatise on reincarnation, the book is a practical and sophisticated guide for
using an understanding of past lives to transform the deep coding that shapes your current life.”
–Donna Eden, Author, Engergy Medicine


Sandra Anne Taylor is a rare genius and one of the most remarkable women on the
planet today. In The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives she reminds you that the
opposite of death is birth and that there is no opposite to life. Rather there is
a continuum from physical life to non-physical life and back again.
Through decades of strong focus and conscious living, Sandra Anne Taylor has
brought forth a deeply insightful body of work that offers meaning to so many
unanswered questions. I enthusiastically endorse her teachings — There is much
to learn here.”
–Dr. Darren Weissman, Bestselling author of Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind


Could the key to life’s mysteries be hidden in the plain sight everyday living?
New York Times bestselling author and counselor Sandra Ann Taylor believes so,
and in her new book The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives she gives us good
reasons to believe so, as well.
In a riveting journey of case histories and personal revelations she demonstrates
how everything from the healing of our bodies to the success of our relationships
is often linked to experiences from the past. If her ideas are right, they catapult
us light years beyond conventional explanations of the seemingly meaningless
events in life. One thing is certain; there’s something missing in the traditional
story of why things “are” as they are, and only new thinking will reveal the missing
link of our soul’s meaning and purpose. Whether you’re an artist or an engineer,
this book is about you, your world, and every relationship that you’ll ever
experience in life.”
— Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of The Divine Matrix, and Fractal Time


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  1. dearann2 (verified owner)

    Thank you for writing this book, Sandra. Your timing was perfect for me. I’ve struggled with physical ailments since birth, having only mild success using supplements and diet. Trained as an Naturopathic Doctor I had discovered that our spirituality is a major contribtor to our health and the missing piece of the puzzle. With your book I was able to take responsibility for my own health and heal many issues that have plagued me all my life. Having a sensitive digestive system led me to a life as a Civil War soldier being shot in the stomach. I rescripted that life to having a wagon catch the bullets and the next scene I was at home from the war, eating dinner with my family. I’ve healed money issues by changing my death as a wealthy merchant murdered and robbed by a group of friends into a celebration with friends exchanging gifts. You’ve enriched my life so much. I had no idea I could recreate my past. I now use it to heal events that have occurred in this life. Blessings, Ann

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