Divine Connections CD


3 guided meditations. From the world of spirit come the rank and file of those who seek to help and guide you. They hail from many places and many times. Your family and friends, the great teachers and the angelic real – are all here for you. See just how

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3 guided meditations.

1) Transform and Heal with the Archangels Raphael & Uriel. Watch and feel as the angel of healing and the angel of light lift your energy and help bring your transformation in this powerful process.

2) Healing with Your Loved Ones in Spirit. Open yourself to the embrace of your spirit friends and family. Some may seek forgiveness.  Some may seek to heal or help,  Discover whom.  Discover how!

3) Enlightenment with the Prophets of the East. Even Buddha, Confusius and Lao Tsu make themselves available to help you as in the times of old.  Allow them to know you your life in a new way with this enlightening meditation of self-discovery.

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