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Purchase this bundled package for a discounted price. This bundle package includes 6 meditation MP3’s and a PDF version of Sharon Anne Klingler’s The Magic of Gemstones and Crystals. If purchased separately, the cost would be $38. The bundled discount p

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This bundle package includes MP3’s of the following meditations:

*Relaxation & Memory Release: This process provides a deep, whole body relaxation that increases tranquility and brings a peaceful sense of well being.  The visualization following the relaxation allows you to release the memories of stressful situations, whether they happened recently or long ago.

*Cellular Regression: It is now known that physical and emotional trauma can be stored in the body’s cells.  This process is designed to help speed up healing by first regressing your cells back to before they experienced their trauma, then further back to their Divine consciousness, the pure and healthy source of their being.

*In the Light of Healing: Discover the messages that your body is sharing with you through this insightful visualization.  Awaken the powerful light of healing as a greater understanding of your wellness also comes to light.

*Your Path of Initiation: Discover the steps that you ahve taken – and continue to take – in your karmic evolution. Experience the dynamic phases of your initiation.

*A Visit to the Temple & the Ceremony for Initiates: Take a trip to the ashram of the Masters with whom you have worked through time. Tap into the sacred energy in your Rite of Initiation.

*Your Past Lives in the Ancient Mystery Schools: Do you feel you may have belonged to a monastery, a sisterhood, or a secret society such as the knights Templar or the Freemasons? Discover your ancient mystical histories and how you connect with them now.This bundle package also includes a PDF version of Sharon Anne Klingler’s The Magic of Gemstones and Crystals.


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