Act to Attract, 4 Meditation MP3’s – Full CD Download


These guided processes and affirmations are designed to create a vibrant and magnetic energy of attraction, bringing a strong sense of positive intention and present realization.

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4 guided meditations

1) Your Sacred Identity.  This guided meditation creates profound peace and powerful vibration by connectiong you with Divine Consciousness, the source of all Universal love and blessings.

2) Morning Affirmations.  Intentions of belief and optimism to create a positive energy that carries you through the day ahead.

3) Attracting Love.  This guided visualization brings out the highest, most magnetic energies of your higher self. These vibrations of truly self-loving confidence are then sent out in space and time to connect with and attract your most resonant and ideal love.

4) Evening Affirmations.  Calming statements to reinforce positive energies. Program a peaceful night and enthusiastic morning, and send intentions of achievement and attraction and attraction into the Universal flow.

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