Secrets of Succes by Sandra Anne Taylor with Sharon Anne Klingler


“A masterful book — based on a profound understanding of how to play your energies to bring out the best within you, The Secrets of Success is aptly named. I recommend it  highly.”  – Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine

“I just wanted to say WOW, this book is SO amazing! When I read a book I like to use a highlighter but I had to stop using one with your book because I found myself highlighting every sentence. I’m still on the first section of the book and can’t wait to read the rest. So profound! Thank you for sharing your widsom with us.” – Tracy, Ventura, CA

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Sharon’s Advanced Spirit Communication and Public Mediumship Program

“What a wonderful and inspiring teacher…the best illustration of a wonderful medium and…example of how the Spirit World can come through…It’s mysterious and magical.” – Jessie Furst, Registered Medium, Lily Dale, NY




GemCast by Sharon Anne Klingler

“GemCast is not only one of the best oracle kits I’ve seen, but it is also absolutely the easiest and most fun way to learn astrology that there is!” – Tom Cratsely, Lily Dale, NY




Quantum_Success_cover_Small.jpgQuantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor

“I loved the way Quantum Success was organized and I especially loved the section on the unseen assistants. That part really connected to something that is true to my heart that I needed and that was missing. I definitely feel more relaxed and loved and I look forward to putting your steps into place at my pace knowing that I am connected to the love of the Divine. “   – Tania, IL


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Chris Boynton’s amazing photo SUNRISE AT HOPE BEACH appears on our banner.  This is how we came upon this wonderful photograph.  Check out his work for yourself!

Boynton_UK_Sunset4.jpg“You mention in Chapter 17 ‘The Energy of Presence’ and quote …. ‘But there are so many moments that we just throw away. We’re given the blessing of a beautiful sunset, but we’re too busy to notice.”
“Well I am a photographer based on the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom and I am attaching 3 sunsets as a return thank you.” – Chris Boynton, Island Photo Art, www.chrisboynton.co.uk