Experiential Tarot ~ with Sharon Anne Klingler & Daniel Johnson




May 9, 2020

Unity Spiritual Center

23855 Detroit Rd.

Westlake, OH 44145

$99 preregistration, $120 at the door. 

Join Dan and Sharon for a dynamic workshop that opens the door to an easy and immediate understanding of the Tarot! The key to this understanding is to internalize the Tarot and EXPERIENCE it in a feeling and sensing way to uncover the many layers of meaning and wisdom. You no longer have to become overwhelmed or confused by the different interpretations found in many Tarot books because you don’t have to memorize the cards. All you need to do is experience them!

Whether you are new to Tarot or have been working with Tarot for years, EXPERIENCING the Tarot creates deeper knowing while revealing different nuances each time a card is explored. Join us as we discover various approaches that can be used with any Tarot deck.

In this workshop you will learn the following techniques to bring forth powerful insight, possibility, and creative potential:

· The embodiment process;

· Stepping into the cards;

· Intuitive and emotional sensing;

· Movement and dialogue;

· Reading the stories in the cards;

· Symbols that are easy to understand;

· Animating the cards to bring them to life;

· Three-card spread and a yes/no spread.

We will be working with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck in this workshop. Please bring a Rider-Waite Tarot deck (or a Universal Waite or Waite-Smith), a notebook, and a pen, with you to the workshop. These techniques can be applied to ANY Tarot deck, so you can also bring another deck with you if you’d like. The Akashic Tarot deck will be available at the workshop as well.