Psychic Mastery: Tools That Tap Your Psychic Senses ~ with Sharon Anne Klingler & Daniel Johnson




October 12 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Unity Spiritual Center

23855 Detroit Rd.

Westlake, OH 44145

$99 preregistration, $120 at the door. 

Learn to Expect, Trust, and Act on Your Psychic Guidance!

Your highest forces are available to you every moment of every day. You can bring greater energy to simple tasks – and also open an expansive vision of things yet to come. Learn the easy steps to harness an unbelievable force and precognitive power. When you do, you’ll find breathtaking potential at every turn. This workshop includes:

  •  Touching in with Spirit Guides to help open psychically;
  •  Psychometry – intuitive information you can feel;
  •  Clairsentience and body wisdom: insight from the inside;
  •  Words from your intuition, the Soul’s telegraph;
  •  Using the Pendulum for fast and easy answers;
  •  Visual images and symbols for profound detail in your psychic messages;
  •  Billets, your tickets to visions of the future.


Come and learn many different methods to access your intuitive guidance. After participating in this experiential workshop you will be able to:

  •  Recognize and connect with the intuitive experience at will;
  •  Identify your intuitive voice and distinguish it from other thoughts, fears, and feelings;
  •  Understand and use psychic tools to access your intuition;
  •  Recognize, focus, and ground your own personal energy;
  •  Trust your Self when making important decisions – and in every aspect of your life.