Hope the Hopeful Piglet~A Picture Book Teaching Children Kindness and Compassion


by Devin Staurbringer

Illustrated by Emily N.B.

About the Author

Devin Staurbringer is a writer and activist. He is passionate about helping animals, people, and the planet. He has been vegan for over ten years, loves writing, photography, and nature. He hopes to travel the world while writing and working in activism, bringing compassion wherever he goes.



Hope is a baby piglet, and she was born in a factory farm. When she was young, her mother was taken away somewhere. One day, Hope is being taken to a new place too. She hopes she will see her mom again. While on the truck that is taking Hope and her piglet friends to the new place, Hope meets some animal friends that tell her about how nice it is at the park, and the beach, and the forest. But when Hope arrives at the new place, it isn’t nice like those places. It’s dark, dirty, and scary. Then one day, Hope’s dream of seeing all the beautiful places she heard about may just come true, thanks to a kind and brave girl. See how Hope’s story turns out, and how through her we can show our children kindness and compassion for all animals.