Answers From the Ancestral Realms by Sharon Anne Klingler


Do you want to access the highest guidance from spirit to help you with every aspect of your life anytime, anywhere, with just a thought?

When things are challenging in your life, have you ever wished you could get guidance from those in spirit with higher perspectives, those who can see all sides of the matter—who can even give you a glimpse of possible future outcomes?  Well, now you can, with all of your different ancestors in spirt!

Maybe you only thought that a few loved ones in spirit ever visited you once in a while.  And maybe you never knew there were other kinds of ancestors—those who have gone before—in your career, your driving passions, your past lives.  And perhaps you’ve thought you couldn’t learn the skills to communicate to those spirits.

But, now you’re ready to get unstuck from those old, limiting thoughts and move forward in your relationship with all your ancestral guides, in communicating with spirit, and—most importantly—in every aspect of your life through the great help your spirit guides can bring you.


In this book you’ll meet those who have gone before:

  • Family ancestors;
  • Landcestors of cultures and territories (from the Incan to the Inuit);
  • Organizational and group forerunners (from the Free Masons to the Bricklayers Unions);
  • Ancestors of purpose (from writers to musicians) including your highest guides, the Ascended Masters
  • Past life ancestors (from the most ancient to the most recent).

You’ll discover:

  • Ground-breaking techniques to connect with spirit in moments;
  • Inner command words for effortless focusing;
  • The different types of symbols used by Ancestors in their messages;
  • Karmic and Ancestral Healing techniques;
  • Imaging practices in message interpretation;
  • Inner sense perception of spirit;
  • Your ancestral and karmic homes and towns!