Thank you for attending the Tapping the Power of the Akashic Records seminar at the 2023 I Can Do It!  We are excited to share these powerful meditations with you.  Please share your feedback with us at:

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1. Meeting Your Record Guides in Your Sacred Temple

Visit your beautiful Sacred Temple to meet your Akashic Record guides and other spirits. You can ask for guidance regarding any issue, person, or situation, so open up to the ideas and resolutions they can bring.

2. Viewing Past-life Records

Comfortably view a past-life event that may still be influencing your present experiences. Create a focused intention or question about a past-life influence and open your heart to the information and wisdom that comes from the viewing screen of your Sacred Temple.

3. Rewriting Past-life Records

Once you know a past-life influence, you can visit your Sacred Temple and rewrite that experience in a different, more empowered way. By shifting the energy of that event, you can reclaim your power and breakthrough the blocks that have been keeping you stuck.

4. Future Record Programming

Determine what future outcome you would like to create and visualize that on the viewing screen in your Sacred Temple.  You will be able to write your future records and feel the assistance from spirit in helping to plant your goals in the energetic realm.

5. Inspiration from the Legends of the Ages

Connect with the masters, guides, and experts from the long-ago past in order to receive their inspiration for your projects and goals. The Legends of the Ages want to share your intentions with you and bring their powerful guidance to you.

6. Your Book of Purpose

Visit your Hall of Records to investigate your purpose and receive guidance about it.  Whether it’s personal, professional, or spiritual, your eternal soul longs to share its highest intentions for you in this life.

7. Your Soul’s Map

If you have a question or decision – no matter what it may be about – the Akashic Records can provide you with direction. Get ready to view the GPS of your personal plans and receive insightful hints and even specific indications about wear your decision will take you.

8. Spirit Connections for Spontaneous Guidance

Spirit, Angels, and guides can bring you Akashic Record information at any time without any major ceremonies.  Open up to the spirit presence around you and to the Record guidance they can spontaneously  bring – any time and any where!