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Best-selling author and acclaimed intuitive Sharon Anne Klingler will show you how these high-energy words can immediately lift your power and alter every aspect of your reality—from the simple, such as aligning your posture and improving sleep patters, to the life changing, such as stimulating creative ideas, increasing personal wealth, and finding new relationships. Choose the precise words that provide extraordinary success, and learn to direct profound force to all of your goals. Power Words can create an electrical current in your life that can strike like lightning and illuminate your world!

“I love this book! Power Words is perhaps the most profound, transformative book ever written on the influence that our internal (and external) language has on our lives. In an easily accessible style, Sharon Anne Klingler demonstrates the energy and effect of every word we use. Highly recommended, this book can change your life.”

—Denise Linn, author of The Secret Language of Signs and Sacred Space

Sharon Anne Klingler is an inspiring and internationally renowned author and speaker. She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network; Discovery; NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates; ITV London; BBC London; BBC Scotland and several other U.S. and international media outlets. Her new book, Power Words, released by Hay House, is already being acclaimed as: the most profound, transformative book ever written on the influence that our internal and external language has on our lives.

“Sharon Anne Klingler has written the book I wish I had! Power Words takes all the elements of instant creation and puts them into doable, fun, empowering exercises we can all choose in the snap of a finger. A new, fresh take on the simplicity of creation itself. “

—Dee Wallace Actress, Author, International Speaker and Radio Host  

Through Power Words, you’ll discover how the energy of the specific words you use has an astonishing impact on every aspect of your life.

Unlike other books that promote “positive thinking,” Power Words teaches you how to feel the energy of words and use that energy precisely. Learn to use words to:    

As Mark Twain said, The right words blazes out … and the resulting effect is physical, . . . spiritual, and electrically prompt.”

Discover the right words that are electrically prompt. Get Power Words!

Celebrate the official launch of Power Words and receive hundreds of dollars of bonus gifts with your purchase of this one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking book.  

Power Words have an immediate impact on your life. You’ll quickly realize that the talents, powers, and opportunities that you seek are not far away. And the words you use can bring them to you.

Your words are literally a gift you give yourself - a tool that is available every moment of every day. You write the script of your life with your words. Through exercises that utilize trigger words, lifting words, commands, and declarations, Power Words will open your eyes to the realization that the precise words you choose can immediately move you towards extraordinary success.

Praise for Power Words

“Your words carry energy, and they shape your life. In Power Words, Sharon Anne Klingler helps you to become a maestro of your words - appreciating them, loving them, choosing them in ways that steer your life toward your heart's desire. This book will forever change your relationship with words, the most intimate companions of your mind. I highly recommend it.”

—Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine

“What a simple but brilliant idea!  Sharon Anne Klingler brings a heightened awareness to this ever so important thing we do every day.  She provides countless examples so that you can ignite your own life with the power of words.  I love this book!”

—Michele Takei, Ph.D., Author of She-Q and Mandala Magic

Power Words helped me see the subtle ways I create my life every day.  Sharon’s exercises are effective, simple, inspiring, and they work very quickly!”

—Mary McCann, Actress, Atlantic Theater Company Member

“As a practicing psychologist and hypnotherapist, I’ve incorporated the principles in Power Words with my clients.  I believe that therapists of every stripe will find Power Words applicable as a powerful intervention and homework tool.  This book also lends itself to those in the world of interpersonal communication, advertising, and marketing.  Most surprising, Sharon’s book installed an unconscious positive technique in me that fits my psychology.  I recommend this book to all who are on a path of personal growth.  It’s full of simple exercises, examples, and wisdoms that can help anyone and everyone!”

—Michael Freedman, Ph.D., Psychologist

Celebrate the official launch of Power Words and receive hundreds of dollars of bonus gifts with your purchase of this one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking book.  

About the Author

Sharon Anne Klingler, an inspiring international speaker and author, is the best-selling co-author of Secrets of Success with Sandra Taylor and the author of Intuition & Beyond with Random House London. One of the world's leading intuitives, Sharon has been featured on major television outlets, including the Oprah Winfrey Network, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, and ITV London; as well as stations throughout the U.S., U.K. and Australia. She maintains a private practice with high-profile clients around the globe. Find out about Sharon's CDs and other titles at

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